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Place a word or a partial word in the field below to locate a Major Program of Study. Ex:, if you are interested in which institutions offer degrees in Computer Science, you could simply enter Computer, then click the Go button. This will give you information on all degree programs that reference the word computer.

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You can narrow your search by using the '+' character between keywords in the Search Field. For instance, if you entered "computer science", the search would find ALL degree programs that referenced either "computer" or "science". If you wanted to narrow the search to only those programs that referenced "computer" and "science", you could enter computer+science. Using this construct does not limit you to one area of study. For example, you could enter "Computer+science business+administration" to find programs that referenced either of the two pairs of search criteria.
You are not required to spell out entire words for the search. The search "Business+Administration" can be shortened to "Busi+Admin".