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Major:Dental Hygiene (Starting Fall 2018)
Cecil College to U of Maryland, Baltimore

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3 CreditsSPH141
3 CreditsEGL101
3 Credits*ENGL101 or EGL102
3 CreditsEGL211
4 CreditsBIO101 or (BIO102 and BIO112) or (BIO130 and BIO131) or (BIO132 and BIO133) and BIO111 or (BIO130 and ...more
4 CreditsBIO200 and BIO210
4 CreditsBIO208 and BIO218
4 CreditsBIO209 and BIO219
4 CreditsCHM105
4 CreditsCHM203
3 CreditsBIO203
3 CreditsPSY101
3 CreditsSOC101
3 CreditsMAT127
3 CreditsPSY201
3 CreditsSocial Sciences AREA
3 CreditsModern & Classic Languages AREA or Fine Arts & Humanities AREA or Fine Arts & Humanities AREA
57 Credits
Contact Person: Lisa Bress
Competitive Admissions GPA: YES
Minimum Program Grade: 3.0

RTP Last Updated: July 30, 2018

This RTP may not satisfy all degree requirements at Cecil College

* This U of Maryland, Baltimore course has no Equivalency at Cecil College;
Check with your Advisor for an alternate course.

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